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Short summary

Technical textile tube system for coastal protection.

SoilTain tubes for coastal or bank protection are geotextile containment systems of near-elliptical cross-section. When filled with sand, they serve to protect coastlines, river banks etc. against erosion by waves or currents. SoilTain tubes can be incorporated as part of a larger scheme or can act alone as independent structural elements.

While SoilTain tubes are, in most cases, filled hydraulically with a sand/water slurry, they can also be filled by a combined mechanical/hydraulic method.





  • Tubes manufactured from special developed technical textiles
  • Use of sand-colored tubes can optimize visual integration in a beach environment
  • State-of-the-art design technology is used
  • Project-specific bespoke tubes are normally produced

Why choose SoilTain coastal protection?

SoilTain tubes for coastal protection are quick to install and can provide immediate protection. Economical construction can be promoted through the use of locally sourced materials. The compatibility of SoilTain tubes with marine flora and fauna also demonstrates their ecological credentials as a coastal protection solution.

SoilTain is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.