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Growth for the North American markets

Inauguration of new production plant in Shelby/USA

HUESKER Inc. celebrated another milestone of growth on December 13, 2016. The inauguration of their expanding operations in Cleveland County and the city of Shelby, through the opening of an 8.5 million dollar state-of-the-art facility boasting 150,000 square feet, will only enhance the manufacturing of their highly engineered geosynthetics product line and ability to better serve the industry and their customers. This is the second milestone celebration for HUSKER Inc. in 2016 as it comes right at the end of their 25th anniversary in the United States.

HUESKER is proud to announce that through the expansion it will manufacture core products locally for the North American market according to highest quality standards and in accordance to the North American guidelines.

The 155 year old German based company, HUESKER Group, CEO Dr. F.- Hans Grandin flew in from Germany to celebrate this milestone stating, “It took some vision to build this state-of-the-art and high-performance production plant” and further expounded on the importance of making a strong, lasting connection in the United States, the community, the industry and with their customers is at the core of this vision.

The strong, lasting connection mentioned by Grandin and HUESKER, Inc. CEO Sven Schröer was only reinforced and proven by the Board Chair of the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership “We thank you for believing in our community and our community certainly believes in you,” said Dr. Steve Thornburg. Thornburg continued with, “We wish you great success with your products and your new innovations that we know will come in the future as a result of this expansion.”

Schröer continued by stating, “We believe this expansion is adding value to our industry – making the products in the US for the North American market will give our customers even more confident that geosynthetics are the most viable option for their applications.”

At the inauguration event on December 13, 2016, Grandin, Schröer and other top executives and community leaders mentioned that making a strong, lasting connection includes much more than manufacturing a diverse range of highly engineered products that connect to the world’s application needs. A strong, lasting connection also applies to their employees, their trade partners, their customers and their community and that strong lasting connection is rooted in the vision to expand operations.

“When we decided for such a substantial investment in times of worldwide economic and political instability, we were not sure, if this decision is foolish or courageous,” said Grandin and concluded, “I am confident that looking back in ten years, we will say, ‘Yes, we have been very courageous and it paid back.’ In this spirit, I wish good luck to our US based team and very much look forward to the great future of this location and HUESKER Inc.”




(1) Cutting the ribbon with Dr. F.- Hans Grandin (CEO HUESKER Group), Eddie Holbrook (Chairman Board of County Comissioners, Cleveland), Sven Schröer (CEO HUESKER, Inc.) and Mayor Stan Anthony (Shelby), from left to right.

(2) The new production in Shelby/NC.